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11/03/2009 16:17

New Domain Name and Host!

I'm glad to inform you all that we are soon going to move to a new host! https://www.OurIslamic.WebNode.com will soon lose the subdomain and become https://www.OurIslamic.com (it hasn't been set up yet). Hopefully we can finish the transaction with the new host by the end of today or early tomorrow!
10/25/2009 01:08

Comment Box at the Bottom of Blog Entries

Salam! I have recently added a comment box at the bottom of blog entries for everyone to comment on the articles. Please review the articles and share your opinion!    
10/21/2009 20:28

New Portal Page on the Forum!

Visit the forum (OurIslamic.FreeForums.org)! We've I recently added a portal page to forum with all the forum statistics and other information! We've also added a group called "Partner". If you would like to make a link exchange with us, please make an account on the forum and either: 1)Email us at...
10/16/2009 16:23

New arcade games!

Recently, I have added some new games to the arcade, check them out! Remember, don't play for too long!    
10/13/2009 18:04

First blog!

Our first blog has been written! The blog's title is "How to Pray". If you would like to read it, please visit the Blog.
10/09/2009 12:23


We're soon to have blog entries! Stick around, and you'll be able to read spectacular content!
10/09/2009 12:22

Website launched

Our new website has been launched today! We're glad you could visit our website, as it has been launched today. We're making an online community for Muslims, and even Non-Muslims, of all ages. You can download free islamic software in the downloads section, chat with other visitors in the forum,...

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